Friday, 30 September 2011

Dates for your Diary!

Hey Everyone,

Due to popular demand people are already asking where we are going to be over this Bonfire period. Although the answer is pretty much everywhere from West Sussex to Aberdeenshire, here is a list below. If an organiser of the event wants to get in contact to add gates times, ticket prices etc. Please contact me.

5 weeks to go!

22nd October
Billingshurst Fireworks, Jubilee Fields

28th October
Cranleigh Golf and Country Club

29th October
Horsham Cricket Club
Alfold Village
Wescott Sports Club
Fittleworth School
Forest Green Village

1st November
Bat & Ball Pub, Wisborough Green

3rd November
Wisborough Green School
Buckingham Park School, Worthing

4th November
Thomas A Beckett School, Worthing
Red Lion Pub, Slinfold
Hascombe Village
Goodwood Golf Club
Kingslea School, Horsham
Kirdford Village
Ellon Round Table, Aberdeenshire

5th November
Broadbridge Heath Village
Bramley Parish Council
St Peter's School, Henfield
Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh
Southwater School
Fawley Parish Council, Southampton
Horsham Rugby Club
Fontwell Racecourse
East Grinstead Football Club
Dunsfold Village

6th November
Slinfold and Country Club
Bank of England Sports Club
Ashington School
Bishop Tuffnell School, Bognor Regis (Felpham)
University College School, London
Rudgwick Village

Hope to see some of you there!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Another Wedding Reference! (Pyromusical)

A pyromusical wedding display, fired at Highclere Castle (Where the BBC film Downton Abbey) using the Pyrosure Wireless Firing System and Solar Flare Igniters. It's always great to get feedback from our clients.

"You did such a good job, everyone is still talking about the fireworks and the timing was perfect. Wish I had time to enjoy it all once more.
If you ever need a referral note, please let me know.
Many, many thanks,"

Aurora Fireworks YouTube Channel